Why They Hate Us

Here is a piece that the staff of the Thoreau You Don't Know worked hard on. It's about why they hate us, us being bikers, they being everyone who is not a biker at the moment. The intention of the piece, as far as the staff here is concerned, is to highlight a political Achilles heel of the pro-bike community--i.e., people hate bikers when bikers aren't really the problem, as far as air quality, global warming, mortality, public space deprivation, obesity, and personal debt goes. Also: Schluffing!

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  1. Robert,

    If you have any interest in adding Madison, WI to your list of readings, you'd be welcome I'm sure. I'm no longer in Madison, but the contact at this site


    might be able to assist in setting something up. (And I would suspect your publisher has Madison bookstore contacts as well.)

    Great article!

    Dan Sebald