Keeping Up With the (Homeless) Joneses

OK, now I have seen it all: people who have homes are upset that people without homes are allowed to live in the expensive homes that did not sell because they were too expensive. Follow that? Yes, the homeless have been allowed to live in condos and the neighbors aren't happy. The homeless don't deserve this, says a neighbor:

To walk over there and see that folks in a shelter are living better than we are, it's not fair.
It used to be that people were against shelters on their street because the shelters were unattractive, the homeless homeless. Now, the argument is that the shelter was snuck in. But the shelter is a luxury condo--was a luxury condo snuck in? Does this mean people will be more wary of luxury condos? Does this mean that people will hope non-luxury shelters will be sought out in gentrifying neighborhoods? It's complicated.

Can't we just be pleased that someone got some people who needed help a place to stay?