(Recorded) Live!

If you have been having trouble getting out of bed, if you have turned to your friend or co-worker or significant other and said, "[Dude/Co-worker Bill/Honey], what is there to look forward to?"--well, the answer is here, in the form of a recording of the Book Court reading of the Thoreau You Don't Know, which prominently featured the Washington Square Harp & Shamrock Orchestra, as well as a special guest appearance by the How Not To Get Rich Orchestra.


  1. love your books! and forgot to write down the name of the recording which you recommended in TTYDK. (i think you said it was the best recording of a particular song which thoreau would have listened to or sung.) ring a bell? i scanned the book and footnotes several times and couldn't come up with it. did i dream it? keep up the great work.
    lisa (dunsethl@hotmail.com)

  2. FROM THE BIBLIOGRAPHY of TTYDK: "A good recording of “Highland Laddie” is by Ned Pearson, an English
    fiddler, on Ranting and Reeling: Dance Music of North England, part of an anthology called Music of the People."