What if Thoreau Live Blogged the Super Bowl, 9

That was a 100 yard touchdown. Thoreau liked to walk but he took the train more than people imagine--no big deal for him. When he walked to Boston, while in school at Harvard, he walked to save some money. He also had to take off from school for a while to make money for tuition. Don't get me wrong. he liked to walk and walked every day, but why wouldn't he have taken the train? He wasn't an idiot. Speaking of idiots, how can you ask a coach of a team who just lost the ball and got hit with a huge touchdown what happened. That reminds me of what Thoreau is said to have said to Emerson when Emerson heard he was in jail, protesting the war against Mexico. (This is not a true story, since it didn't happened, but it speaks to the Thoreau-Emerson relationship which was strained to say the least, kind like the relationship between the coach who is losing and the reporter who says, to paraphrase, why did you blow it?)
Emerson: What are you doing in there?
Thoreau: What are you doing out there?

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