What if Thoreau Live Blogged the Super Bowl, 14

You have to ask yourself, if you are Thoreau and you are live bloggin', and you now have a little more hope for Arizona to come back, now that they are only 6 down, what's the best commercial? If you are pretending you are Thoreau and live bloggin' you have to like the careerbuilder ads, even if the best single line was a promo for the Conan O'Brien show ("If you have a Conan lasting for more than four hours, call a doctor"--or whatever it was that Tina Fey said in the Conan O'Brien promo). You have to like the careerbuilder ads because they so relate to Thoreau. People think, Thoreau: nature, trees, birds, etc. But it's really, Thoreau: the nature of work, the ecology of our lives--how are we living if we are living only for one thing, work? Career was not really a word used for what we today call career before Thoreau, as can be seen in this illustration from the Oxford English Dictionary--a list of the years in which the career as we knows it begins to appear. After Thoreau, career becomes a word and, sadly, it begins to gain on the word life, the way the Cardinals seems to be gaining on the Steelers.

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