If Thoreau Live Blogged the Oscars, 2

The red carpet has begun. Miley Cyrus said that Angelina "is my favorite person in all of history. Among the many people he seemed to think of as his "favorite person(s) of all history" was/is Chaucer, Sir Walter Raleigh, Emerson (for a while), and Whitman. But he also seemed to really like the old guys at the post office. People talking, people congregating, people socializing, in a way that people are less likely to socialize anymore. What if everyday were a red carpet day? What if we all processed? That would be a lot of work. Says H.D.T.:
I'm thankful that my life doth not deceive/ itself with a low loftiness...

(Photo by LIbrary of Congress: Orphans going to Coney Island in Autos, June 7, 1911.

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