And Yet

Right! Nothing you do matters!
You reduce, reuse and recycle. You turn down plastic and paper. You avoid out-of-season grapes. You do all the right things.
Just know that it won’t save the tuna, protect the rain forest or stop global warming. The changes necessary are so large and profound that they are beyond the reach of individual action.
This is the kind of thing people love to read, a relief. And yet, it is, we here at the TYDK would argue, short-sighted, a view of the trees that purports to be a view of the forest. It has put us in mind of this, which is where this post takes its title, "And Yet."


  1. This one has also been making the rounds lately:,21295/

  2. My interpretation of that article is that even in light of all of us doing our own part to save the resources left to us, the environmental problem has been framed in such a way that leaves the big dudes off the hook. It's sort of like what Leona Helmsley famously said-I can see the guys at Monsanto or ADM or wherever, saying, " We don't save the environment, the little people save the environment." I already do what I can conventionally do, but I have no belief that if I choose not to dump 2-4 G on my lawn, Ortho is going to notice.
    If I choose paper over plastic, or bring my own damn shopping bag, I will probably feel better, and it may eventually make a infinitely tiny difference in the situation, but I'm afraid I don't think the problem can be solved without some massive-scale heavy-lifting elsewhere. I already use mass transit, try to eat local, have taken no part in increasing world population, take short showers, use no a/c, avoid plastics, etc. Does anyone think a single member of our lobbied-up congress really gives a hoot? Sorry for such a pitiful world view, but the kind of improvements needed now require more than just us little people being good.