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The New York Times Book Review's blog, Paper Cuts, makes some good points about Thoreau's pencil, pun intended.
Photo here.

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  1. Not only does the link here take you to a short piece that draws some elegant Thoreau pencil facts from Robert Sullivan's beautiful and impassioned book, but you also then get, on the Paper Cuts site, links to, for example, a moving eulogy for a 41-yr-old poet who died exploring a volcanic island and some funny and insightful lines from this poet about the consolations of spicy food and incubus possession, lines you can't help thinking Thoreau would really have appreciated because they commend a reader's attention to the resounding importance of minutia. The whole enterprise of blogging and the mish-mosh of people you inevitably encounter if you wander a good blog's links and its links' links is also the kind of thing Sullivan's book has taught me non-technophobe Thoreau would likely have enjoyed, thoroughly.