To Stay or Slay?

With newspapers and television news reports using the word "staycation" over and over again, it's maybe a good time to recycle the newspaper and explore your neighborhood, where, if you are us, you will find things like this. Or you can go on what Bike Snob calls a "slaycation." What? You don't know Bike Snob? You've got to get inside more. Or schluff.)

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  1. I just finished your book, which was lovely, and convinced me to give Walden another chance after my shallow and partial high-school-era reading.

    My previous conception of Thoreau was most influenced by the memoir of essayist John Gould, "Maine's Golden Road," in which Gould both compares himself to Thoreau a lot and also makes fun of him mercilessly. It's very funny - you should check it out. Gould's daughter was my 10th-grade English teacher, speaking of high school readings.

    I was especially fond of your efforts to break down the perceived barrier between the human and the wild worlds - in this book as well as in your others. I write a blog on some of the same topics, with the overarching goal of helping more people see the wildness in our cities and in our economy. I think you would dig it, and I'd be tickled if you gave it a look:

    Please get in touch if you're ever in Portland, Maine. Since I borrowed the book from the library, I feel as though I owe you a beer in lieu of the royalties you deserve.