In Common Parlance

According to the New York Times Book Review's blog, Paper Cuts, the discussion between Lawrence Lessig and the artist Shepard Fairey. (Jennifer Schuessler wrote the post, "Steal This Blog.") Here's the moderator's Twitter feed. All I want to say is they talked about the commons. Thoreau talked a lot about commons, pitching himself as what he called an extra vagrant, a phrase that, if you think about it, gets better and better. Here's this about the idea of commons:

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  1. I've no doubt Thoreau used, and even admired, the trains he was so fond of complaining about. This kind of inconsistency is all too human, especially in someone who--living "on his own" in that quaint little shed--would take his laundry home for Mommy to wash, and his socks for Sister to mend. What a guy.